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Proton Therapy in Kansas City – You Have Options

Proton therapy in kansas city

Proton Therapy in Kansas City – You Have Options

There’s been a lot of talk about proton therapy in Kansas City. Proton therapy is the latest advancement in radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer. So what makes proton therapy better, and what do you need to know about proton therapy in Kansas City?

What Is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy uses highly energized subatomic particles (protons) instead of traditional X-ray radiation. The biggest advantage of proton compared to traditional photon therapy is that proton beams can be sculpted to deposit energy into the tumor target while restricting the dose to the surrounding tissues. Proton therapy is becoming more popular and well-known, with over 40 regional proton therapy centers in the U.S. and more under construction. Kansas City Proton Institute is a brand new center for proton therapy in Kansas City with some unique advantages for patients.

What Is the Biggest Advantage of Proton Therapy?

Both standard X-ray radiation therapy and proton therapy work the same way by damaging the cellular DNA in cancer cells. The biggest advantage of proton therapy is that it causes considerably less damage to healthy tissue. Protons give up relatively modest amounts of energy as they enter the body. As the protons begin to slow, they deposit the vast majority of their energy into a small area. The beam stops penetrating immediately thereafter, so there is no “exit radiation” beyond the target. Because of this, it is sometimes feasible to safely give higher doses of proton treatment to the tumor target than can be achieved with X-rays.

X-Ray Therapy Exposes More Healthy Tissue to Radiation

In comparison to proton therapy, X-ray therapy deposits its energy steadily as it penetrates through the body. Because the X-rays continue to deposit energy beyond the tumor target, healthy tissues receive a considerable dose. In many cases side effects and complications associated with traditional X-ray therapy are more severe.

KCPI Outpatient Proton Therapy Costs Less

Most patients are unaware that one of the biggest benefits of choosing outpatient or office-based proton therapy is that it is more affordable than hospital-based proton therapy. Why? It has to do with insurance coverage. Proton therapy is covered by Medicare and many insurance providers. Hospital-based radiation oncology programs are legally allowed by these insurance companies and Medicare, to charge higher rates and facility fees than privately owned facilities are allowed to charge. This is primarily because hospitals have much higher overhead costs (buildings, staffing, expenses) than outpatient clinics. Because of this, treatments at outpatient clinics are often more cost- effective than those at hospital-based facilities. The fact that there is a difference is simply not common knowledge among patients. People don’t typically “shop” or price-compare for medical treatments.

Kansas City’s Only Office-Based Proton Therapy Provider

You do have a choice when it comes to where you receive your proton therapy in Kansas City. At the Kansas City Proton Institute in Overland Park, we offer the same level of care as hospital-based facilities but in a more convenient, cost-effective setting. Outpatient facilities like KCPI offer other advantages that a hospital can’t – particularly convenience and a reduced time commitment. There’s no need to drive downtown. Navigating a smaller facility is easier and less stressful too. You will be able to park near the entrance to the facility with no parking fee. You can’t beat the combination of increased convenience and lower costs at Kansas City Proton Institute. At KCPI, we are cutting costs on cutting-edge care.

KCPI is the only office-based proton radiation facility in the central United States. We are proud to be able to offer this new type of cancer treatment at a lower cost and with more convenience for our patients. To learn more about proton therapy in Kansas City, visit KCPI.com.

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