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Bringing Proton Therapy to the Masses

Bringing proton therapy to the masses

Bringing Proton Therapy to the Masses

The shift of proton therapy from an experimental treatment to a standard care option marks a significant evolution in cancer treatment. Yet, while the use of proton therapy is becoming more prevalent, the gap between the number of patients who receive it versus those who can benefit remains significant. Since KCPI opened our doors in October of 2023, our goal has been bringing proton therapy to the masses to narrow that gap.

The Popularity Comes with the Precision

First, let’s define what makes proton therapy so advantageous. Proton therapy allows for more precise targeting of tumors with minimal impact on surrounding healthy tissues. This is especially beneficial when treating cancers located near vital organs or in sensitive areas where traditional radiation can lead to significant side effects. Because it is more accurate, it also offers the potential for more aggressive targeting of tumors. The result is that proton therapy patients experience better outcomes with reduced side effects and improved quality of life during and after treatment. With its advantages over traditional radiation therapy, proton therapy is expected to be the cancer radiation treatment of the future.

Proton Therapy Is Becoming More Accessible

We know that if cost was not a barrier, most patients would choose proton therapy over traditional (photon) X-ray therapy. Until very recently, most hospitals were not able to offer the treatment because the equipment required a massive space and huge financial commitment. Today, thanks to advanced technology, the systems are much smaller and less costly, making proton therapy far more accessible and affordable for patients. Thus, KCPI is bringing proton therapy to the masses.

Advantages of Office-Based Proton Therapy

We hold the unique position as the only non-hospital-based facility of its kind in the central U.S. This allows us to provide a few benefits that hospital-based facilities can’t. These benefits include convenience, quality of care and cost-effectiveness. This combination of factors helped make KCPI one of the busiest single unit proton facilities in the United States within just 10 weeks of opening.


One of the biggest advantages of office-based proton therapy is that it provides a more convenient treatment experience. The KCPI proton therapy treatment facility is located in Overland Park, making a long drive downtown unnecessary for many cancer patients. Rather than spending time driving downtown and navigating the traffic, parking, and logistical issues of a large hospital for every treatment, patients can opt for a closer location, convenient parking, and easy building access.

Personalized Care

At KCPI, we are deeply committed to providing compassionate care. We place a strong emphasis on supporting patients’ emotional well-being alongside their physical health. This dual-focus care model means our patients experience a higher level of attention and support throughout their treatment journey. With KCPI, our patients get the best cancer care and a better patient experience.

Lower Costs

This is the least known benefit of office-based proton therapy. Most patients are unaware that office-based proton therapy is more affordable than hospital-based proton therapy. Why? It has to do with insurance coverage. Proton therapy is covered by Medicare and many insurance providers. Hospital-based radiation oncology programs are legally allowed by these insurance companies and Medicare, to charge higher rates and facility fees than privately owned facilities are allowed to charge. This is primarily because hospitals have much higher overhead costs (buildings, staffing, expenses) than smaller, office-based clinics.

Because of this, treatments at office-based locations are often more cost-effective than those at hospital-based facilities. The fact that there is a difference is simply not common knowledge among patients. People don’t typically “shop” or price-compare for medical treatments.

KCPI Brings Office-Based Proton Therapy to KC

Kansas Citians have a choice when it comes to proton therapy treatments. Its precision, coupled with the advantages of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and personalized care, makes office-based proton therapy a more attractive choice for many. We are proud to be bringing proton therapy to the masses and helping more individuals in need. Being able to offer it at a lower price is just the icing on the cake.

Kansas Citians are very fortunate. Not only do we have a proton therapy center nearby, we have a choice of proton therapy centers – hospital-based and office-based. Learn more at KCPI.com.

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